April 4th, 2006

Triskell Knot

Small Chores

By the time I got myself together yesterday, it was getting close to time to get to the show.

But I was going to sit down and have dinner, dammit. So I went and sat at Arby's. And had my first taste of a bit of a trend for the next 24 hours. I didn't get my food for some time because they were short-staffed, and the guy who took my order proceeded to try to take the drive-thru order from hell.

Someone else finally got me my food. I swear the woman was still changing her mind, rambling on, and being condescending when I left. Poor guy.

Therefore I was a little late to the bar. So of course there were more people this time.

So hey, I hustled. And got started at 8:03.

Kind of a random suicide night. I was not doing all that great at song selection. In fact I think Susan left kinda pissed.

Ah well. Attendance was quite reasonable for a Monday. That is, it was pretty slow, but we at least had some people.

Jenni showed up for the second night in a row - this time with both Liz and Paulina in tow. trivialt made an appearance, and sang despite his voice being largely out.

Quite a few other people eventually showed up - timenchanter and markobellydance, kozmic_tar and Scott, supersniffles, lucydogstringer...

Altogether I believe I ran about 9 rounds, mostly because the first few were so short. I closed at about 1:20.

Cindi, Steven, kizmet100 and I then made the traditional Denny's run.

I woke up a few hours later at near 10:30. Rather than go back to sleep, I got myself together and went out to have Pho with Timmie.

Let's see. From there I:

  • Bought some necessities at Costco

  • Gave Gretchen a ride to the house, stopping off at Long's so she could get a day pass

  • Ran back to Long's to get some drugs and run them up to my Mom

  • Met up with Timmie for dinner at the same Arby's

  • Went to San Jose Skate to witness the boys skating. Well, I've also met up with Sara, Gretchen and Kristi...

I mentioned a trend earlier - on my way down the hill from my parents', I noticed my earpiece was clogged up. Across from Arby's is a Dollar Tree, and I was there considerably before Timmie, so I thought I'd run in there, grab some paperclips or something, and run out.

That worked except for the running out part. I managed to pick a relatively surreal line.

First was the lady buying $90 worth of wrapping paper and gift bags. It took quite a while waiting for that to be rung up.

Following her was a pleasant young Indian lady with her two, uh, well I think they were supposed to be children. Screaming demons of hell would appear to be more accurate. But that wasn't the problem. The problem was that she paid for a $19.74 bill with coins. In fact, mostly pennies.

It took even longer. Still, I managed to pull into the Arby's parking lot at the same time as Timmie.

Meanwhile, back in the present, the skating rink just closed, and everyone's gone home. So I think I'll do the same.
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