March 30th, 2006

Triskell Knot

Clearing off my OCD

The most important news is that the boys are back safe and sound.

And I'm back home.

Otherwise, after some relatively fitful sleep involving restless dreams I, well, don't remember anymore, I woke up enough to finish off my latest obsession - which is the icon for this post.

This is not the full limitation of the drawing. I've built an SVG form using Béziers, so I can make it as big as I want! Mwuahahahahahaha... uh, yeah.

Hopefully now I've got that out of the way, I can move on to more useful projects.
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Aaaand... There Goes My Friend's Page Again

Sigh. I should probably change LJ styles (The default seems comparatively hard to screw up) - but I like this one.

It's just that every other day someone throws in a malformed post - most often a meme - and it completely mucks up the whole page. Colors reverse, the top of the page moves, all sorts'a nifty stuff.

grumble grumble razzle-frazzle amateurs...
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I'm still in my bathrobe, and really need to get up soon, so I can have a reasonable meal before the show.

Most of the day was spent in bed, until that started giving me a headache. No, not asleep - in bed. Laptops have their definite uses.

I've, hmmm, well, I finally received the official business license, so I sent a scan of that off to the one distributor - we'll have to see what comes of that.

I've also signed up as a developer on eBay, which will allow me to play with my own access to the site.

And, as well, I've done a fair amount trying to do some work on my Dad's new website. Actually, it was all simply trying to do a still capture off of an MPEG. A simple process that is apparently more difficult than it appears. The basic PrtSc method won't work, even after I've theoretically turned off hardware acceleration, and all the players/capturing software I've downloaded don't fully recognize the file. Apparently the format is a bit odd.

Ah well. I formatted several other images and sent them back to him. We'll hammer out the details on Saturday.
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