March 27th, 2006


Possible Progress

The show last night was, well, nice. Not precisely high-key, but pleasant and mellow.

cekyr0 and jeffercine showed up, with their lovely friend Keri in tow. I saw mr_seed for the first time in ages (I've got to get back to Splash - but I won't even be in town tomorrow night).

In other rare crowd news, Sunny showed up, as did Natalie. Though I'm not sure Natalie counts as "rare" any more. Steven showed up - possibly in part at Apple's urging. He was a little saddened that supersniffles wasn't there to witness his first attempt at "The Streak." trivialt didn't make it in at all.

The rotation started slow, built up quite a bit (Around 20 singers), then calmed down pretty rapidly as people went home to sleep. I ran 6 rounds, and ended at about 1:35.

I then drove Heather home, and headed to Carrows for supper and surfing.

Then home and more surfing. I got to bed around 4:30, then woke up in the morning again. I honestly don't know how much sleep I've had, but it can't be much.

Meanwhile, a distributor recommended by both manufacturers I contacted got in touch with me. Looks like a real outfit for a change. Interestingly, I've been afraid to pursue things.

I'm apparently a little gun-shy, and afraid I'm going to get disappointed again. Ah well. I'll hopefully get everything prepped tonight, and can get more info tomorrow.

Right now I'm stuffing myself at Red Robin. Food friieeend.
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