March 21st, 2006


Politics as Usual

Well, everybody else is doing it.

I was a little surprised by the results for their "extra" questions - specifically the death penalty and the war on citiz-er-drugs. A mild majority were actually against the death penalty, which I thought went against a great deal of social conditioning, while an identical mild majority supported the "war on drugs". The first indicates people thinking for themselves, while the second indicates people not thinking at all...

You are a

Social Liberal
(71% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(36% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
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I'm, Uh, Up?

I apparently pretty much slept the day away. While I sorta woke up a couple of times, I didn't actually start to become conscious until a little after 5:00. Odd.

Last night. Hmmm. Well - around 6:00 or so I finally got ready, roused timenchanter, and went out to Red Lobster for some human interaction and cheese biscuits. I refused to hurry, with the result that I made it to the bar at about 7:50. In fact, I didn't really get started until 8:30.

This meant I had a full four people in the rotation.

To call the night "slow" would be a bit of an understatement. The rotation started as myself, Susan (who actually let me fully suicide her), mvmedic, and bluize. A little after 9:00, supersniffles showed up, then a guy named Michael about an hour later (I think). A half-hour or so after that, lucydogstringer showed up.

That was the rotation. Except Kris dropped out for most of the night, and Michael didn't sing every round. Interesting guy - a slighty unusual set of songs, and an extremely good singing voice. He'll hopefully be back.

Still, we were a cheerful group, and the one other major guy at the bar (Randy?) was buying rounds, with the result that Susan was pretty buzzed before the show started - and stayed that way. Kris ended up driving her home around 12:15. So 'twas a decent night from both the fun and the income perspective.

There was a small hispanic group in the bar for a bit. They left in a hurry when I sang "My Ding-a-Ling." I don't blame them - I wasn't sure I wanted to be there at the time.

I finished the 12th round at about 12:30, then closed up shop. Cindi and I went off and did the Denny's thing. William was supposed to join us, but never made it. We assume he spent the time talking to Kris - conversations with her have a tendency to take more time than one expects.

Then home. And time-wasting. I found a new, decent webcomic, that one might or might not like: The Adventures of Boschen and Nesuko. Not for all tastes - a great deal of gore (And a fair amount of nudity, mostly female), but some interesting concepts.

Also some great lines: "So we're basically redecorating the galaxy, perhaps against its will?"
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