March 15th, 2006

Sri Yantra


Monday's show kind of petered out, which wasn't exactly unexpected. I finished the 12th round at 1:30.

We spent a lot of the night waiting for Kristin to get herself ready and show up. She wanted to sing a song or two.

She got there just after I started tearing things down. Such is life.

I drove Jasmine home, then took myself and timenchanter home.

I'm not really sure when I woke up - or how much. At some point I started coding the Sri Yantra optimization script, which has taken up altogether too much of my time. It's been fun refamiliarizing myself with JavaScript, though. It's absolutely the wrong tool for a Monte Carlo annealing program, but hey, I've sorta got time.

The tricky thing with that kind of program is defining your parameters properly. I've been definitely
getting answers, just not necessarily ones I like. Ah well. It means I get to waste time playing with code and watching numbers slowly converge on a screen. Wheee!

Timmie convinced me to get myself cleanish and go have lunch with him, which is always a good time. Of course I turned right around, came home, and napped most of the afternoon with Silver.

In actual accomplishments for the day, I've read some more on MySQL, I've finally transferred the last of my savings to checking, and I've paid the mortgage for this month. For some reason, when things are about to run out, I go into sort of a miser mode, and don't pay anything. At least, nothing of importance, like, say, power bills. So I effectively run out of money a month or two before I actually do.

I had a very nice afternoon phone conversation with trivialt, so I have actual Stan news to report. Hopefully he'll get the new job.

Timmie locked his keys in his car over at markobellydance's house, and called me to bring over the spare key fob. It took me forever to get there, and when I did, as I suspected, he was out of luck: The fob doesn't work if the key's in the ignition.

I left him there, hopefully about to call his car service, and went in search of dinner. For some reason, I focussed in on Mini Gourmet. Where I had the meatloaf. I suspect part of me is trying to commit suicide by greasy spoon.

Then home, and back to the Sri Yantra. I should probably do that bed thing...
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Faux Gay

An Observation

A thought that's been running through my head for some time.

It's just, well - on the whole Christian Fundamentalist "Homosexuality is a choice" thing. I understand the reasoning: The present translations of the bible identify homosexuality as a sin, therefore it must be a personal choice (God, being good, would theoretically not build people so they'd have to sin. There's a whole set of other discussions there, but, uh - moving on).

The fun thing is watching these people progress from there. If it's unnatural, and people do it, well, then, logically, it must have some kind of universal appeal. I mean, gay people (Excuse me, "followers of the gay lifestyle") can't be fundamentally different, since, again, dogma insists the desire can't be built in.

So one sees wonderful phrases like "The addictive nature of the gay lifestyle." Addictive nature? This would indicate that any human male would go for cock, given the choice. I beg to differ.

I'm about as far into the gay lifestyle as one can get without sucking dick. And I find there are some definite attractions to said lifestyle. I happen to like the arts. I happen to like holding conversations that aren't a series of grunts, clicks, and sports references. I tend to think hugging is a very good way to say hello.

But I have zero (zip, zilch, nada) interest in sex with a man. I've thought multiple times that I should reevaluate my position, and each time - nope. Just not what I'm into. And this is not the result of some kind of moral stance. Being gay would actually have made my life easier at multiple junctures. In many ways, it would make my life easier now. Yes, I know what kind of behavior one has to deal with. I've had to deal with it. The only thing I haven't had to do is come out to my parents.

Though that is one heck of a biggie.

Granted, I'm just one datapoint on a pretty big planet. However, one can also consider this: Studies apparently show that between 17% and 37% of American males experiment with homosexuality. However, at most 10% of the population is claimed to be gay. Apparently a fair number of the test subjects failed to develop an addiction...

It's late, and I hope this is relatively cogent, though it doesn't matter too much, since I'm mostly preaching to the choir, anyway.

Oh - and if you're a lesbian (Or bi woman) and feel ignored, well, you're theoretically scot-free. The people doing all the hate-mongering claim to be Christian. And the bible says nothing about lesbians. Nothing positive, nothing negative. So go forth and munch those rugs.

Wait - you mean you're getting shit from them anyway? Well the reasoning for that's fairly simple. It's not that they're Christians. It's simply that they're hate-filled scumbag bigots.
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Still Floating

I haven't done a whole hell of a lot. Frida cancelled today's visit (It's tentatively rescheduled for Saturday). I just got back from my one foray into human lands: I went and had dinner at Coco's.

Not my first choice, but they were, well, open.

The Paypal stuff is finally set up, which leaves me with no real excuses whatsoever. Dammit.

And I'm still fiddling with the Sri Yantra. Because once I build a toy, I have a tendency to play with it for a while.

I think I know which one I like, though...
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