March 13th, 2006


More in the UID "Debate"

I just read this article on, well, basically, how to talk to a proponent of (Un)Intelligent Design.

Not that it will help any. It's very hard to hold a serious discussion with people who consider it a matter of personal pride that they won't ever change their minds, whatever the evidence.

I find these sorts of conflicts irritating, amusing, and sad at the same time. Science, or the scientific method, is our one best tool for discovering - or at least successively approximating - the truth. A vital part of the process is doing one's best to keep an open mind, and admitting that one might be wrong. No idea is inadmissible if it matches the known evidence.

This provides an irresistible target for people who, through some form of "divine revelation" (Normally the revelation of having parents who believed the same thing) are certain they know the truth. An open mind becomes "wishy-washy." A willingness to consider other options becomes "uncertainty."

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Religious Debate

While I'm posting articles, I thought I'd plug the absolutely wonderful Religious Tolerance website. I've spent a fair amount of time there, especially in the homosexuality section.

They do their absolute best to put forth all sides to an issue. And they succeed admirably in that they get hate mail from all sides.

It can be maddening reading, because a huge fraction of humanity has some very strange beliefs.

But it's always good to know why people think the way they do - one can't ever talk to them otherwise.

I mean, it's good to have some concept why some people equate gay marriage with "marrying one's dog", and why supposedly "good" people would kick out and disown a daughter for coming out.

It's also great to read the history of when those passages in the bible became anti-homosexual...
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Stuff Continues

I'm kinda late with this update - not for any particular reason I can think of.

The show last night, though it started dead, ended up pretty busy. This was probably optimal - it meant that misswong77, who showed up at the start of the show, was able to sing two songs before heading home. And the bar still made money...

I ran for 6 rounds, though the last one was a bit of a sham ending at 1:55.

kshandra made an appearance. Sita, who I first met on Friday, came out and stayed most of the night. trivialt was nowhere to be seen.

No Denny's last night. I just dropped off Jasmine, and headed home. I was pretty out of it - I put my laptop and books on the landing, then went and grabbed a sandwich at 7-11. I tripped over the books on the way up the stairs...

I pretty much fell into bed, and didn't wake up until 2:00pm.

I managed to get a bit more of the company setup done. I'm almost done with Paypal. You'd think it would be easier, but getting the right checking account number formatting out of my bank has always been a little odd. In fact, I don't know if I have it right.

With some other setup, and my usual fucking around, I had enough time to take a shower before timenchanter got home. We then took off to Fresh Choice for some dinner, then to the bar for suicide.

It's been a slow night, but then, it's a Monday. I didn't start until around 8:20 because it was just me and Timmie - and he was absorbed in a game. Still, we had two rounds of 9 people, largely due to the lovely Natalie and her entourage. Also both supersniffles and firestrike are here, which is always a good thing. Matt's on spring break. It had been so long that I almost didn't recognize him.

And we're having fun. I should probably get back to work...
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