March 9th, 2006



I started the business bank account on the 27th of February. Among the things I asked for was online access. I was told I'd be mailed a PIN.

Well, I'm not home today to check it, but I hadn't received one as of yesterday. So I emailed their support, asking for an ETA.

They told me today that for security reasons, I needed to use the phone.

I just did. Her reaction? "Oh, well, no-one's requested online access. Just go to the website, fill out the form, and you'll get the access info in 24 hours."

I'm now wondering what kind of stupidity will stop the next stage. Talk about a band of incompetents.
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Just Not Happy Right Now

I'm getting the impression this has been an irritating day for everyone.

Last night was OK. I got up here around 7:30, had some leftover cabbage rolls, and watched a cute Nicolas Cage movie called Lord of War.

Today has had its good points, too. I took the dogs to the dog park, and wandered around throwing balls for Lucy. It was a little windy and cold, but I got some exercise, had some sun, and got to calm down.

In the meanwhile, I've had my little war with the bank, Frida's on the phone fighting with her bank, Stuart's on the phone with a series of conference calls, and Sabrina has been home from school with a fever almost all day, trying to get one of us to pay attention to her.

And she can get very loud when she wants attention.

I'll be heading to the bar shortly. Hopefully things will pick up from there...
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