March 6th, 2006



I understand a lot of what I've been going through with procmail - and every time I've run a test sequence, something weird has happened. I've normally been able to trace that down.

But this time, on one occasion, an inbound message was duplicated. This is just, well, weird. The rule uses a lock, there's only one rule that would apply, and it's destructive.

Ah well. Hopefully the only problem is an occasional multiple message. I've wasted enough time on email...

Though I should put a notifier in place...
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Perceived Affection

I managed to delay getting up yesterday to the point that I was unable to make it to the Gay Bar - my loss.

In fact I had to boogie to KoC. It was relatively empty when I got there, and in fact I only had about four singers when I started: Myself, Paul D., synkitty and Jasmine.

However, by the time it ended, the first round had ballooned to 14 people. None of them, I'm afraid, were trivialt. In fact he didn't show up all evening.

It was an odd vibe last night. Far from bad, mind you, but odd. There seemed to be a lot more physical affection going on than usual.

Sadly, none of it with me. Oh well.

I had a lot of fun singing - though it's sad that I did Detachable Penis before valeriesparks got there. I ended up doing Modern Major General for the lovely Natalie and her guest, a very attractive girl named Kelsey that apparently is about to move out of state, and also confessed to a long-term major crush on Heather.

I ran for almost 6 rounds before shutting down at 1:55, unfortunately without being able to fit in a second song for lucydogstringer.

No Denny's last night - we were all too tired. The short bus was overfull this time - I had Synthia, her new boyfriend Gabriel (Who seems like a really nice guy), Jasmine, and Heather.

I negotiated my way through the downpour - at one point I heard my first actual use of the emergency broadcast system. Apparently there are flood warnings on the Napa and Russian rivers.

After dropping off the group (Synthia for the last time for at least a month - she's off to Pennsylvania), I debated having supper, but opted for Jack instead - I was too tired.

Since then, well, I've done some account setup, and finally, hopefully, have the email question mostly settled.

And it's getting late, I'm hungry, and I still haven't fixed that turn signal...
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