March 3rd, 2006

Sri Yantra


Last night's show was... different. Not exactly a huge crowd showed up, but it seemed that every single one of them was singing - which in some ways is the worst of all possible worlds. The first round was something like 28 singers long.

Still, 'twas fun as usual. trivialt made a reappearance, as did cekyr0, jeffercine, swanhart, and Susan.

Alex and Jefferson wisely went home earlyish, but the others stayed around most of the night.

Probably the most "exciting" event of the evening, if you want to call it that, was kozmic_tar's boyfriend Scott throwing up on the bar. That fortunately happened after most everyone had left - but bluize has declared death to the next person who does it.

I ran for four rounds, and finished at about 1:40. Then off to small Denny's run with Stan, supersniffles, and Maggie.

Then home, and unconsciousness.

Today I got up "early" and gave h2ocrazyguy a ride to a body shop, so he could sign some paperwork.

And having finished that, I'm enjoying a leisurely lunch at Baja Fresh.

I've accomplished some progress on the project (The email's partially set up, but I'm going to have to directly play with procmail), but I seem to be having trouble with distractions.

The latest "oooh - shiny!" is the correct construction of a Sri Yantra. I was intensely interested in it at one point as a teenager - and just refocussed on it.

This is certainly something I don't mind looking into - but the timing could be just a teensy bit better. I really need to work on things that make money right now.
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