March 1st, 2006



There are so many things to do in life - and so many things I need to do.

So of course I've spent the last several hours creating userpics.
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I have done an astounding amount of nothing since my last major post. Well, some LJ related stuff - userpics, Black&Blue posting, comments here and there - but nothing I'd truly deem "productive."

Ah well. I finally got around to taking Tuesday's shower well, um, today, and went to lunch with timenchanter. Then I drove myself to the Lundy post office, and wrote bills in the parking lot before mailing them - it seemed the only way I could force myself to do them.

Then up my usual pilgrimage route to Alameda, to join some fresh drama already in progress. And that's probably more than I should publish about it - but let's just say that Sabrina is a handful, and Stuart's near working himself to death.

It was kind of them to give me that taste of home, wasn't it?

Tonight they had their friends Bob and Joy over for dinner - they're always fun. Joy will apparently be doing some kind of actor's workshop at the San Jose Rep shortly.

And that's about it. Frida just bundled a sleeping Stuart to bed, so I'm officially the only person awake in the house.

I'd go home, except she needs company - so I'll be here through tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully somewhere in there I'll actually start back in on something useful.
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