February 28th, 2006


Some Progress

I finally got to the bank yesterday, and got the account started. Of course I got there at about 4:30, but at least it was before closing.

What I forgot to consider is that I have a few days of waiting before they mail me my online PIN - and I kinda need that. Ah well. There's still a lot of prep work to be done. If only I was doing it...

From there, I went out to dinner with timenchanter, then headed barwards.

The show last night was, well, quite reasonable for a Monday. Certainly not crowded, though it did build up as we celebrated wavewarrior's birthday. bluize even went out and bought him a chocolate cake with a large chocolate penis on it (She later brought me a piece she guaranteed was "penis-free").

I believe I did about 7 rotations before shutting down at 1:20. Kristin actually built up the courage to sing three times (Or was it four? Hmmm), a couple of them suicides. Heh heh - let the addiction commence!

The hardest part of the evening was catering to hollyk, but that was because her desires and the "giant bucket of slips" selection method kinda clashed. She wanted to do slow songs - that she liked. That essentially meant that I was looking for butt rock power ballads. There are maybe four of those in the bin. I finally gave up on my usual methods, and just started scanning discs in the collection. And that seemed to work just fine.

I got stuck with "Roses" by Outkast at one point, and surprised the hell out of myself by doing a halfway decent job. I be cool.

trivialt was missing for the evening, but gave me a call as I was shutting down. I ended up doing a Denny's run with him, synkitty, and Jasmine. He had a need to talk - it's difficult watching people self-destruct. We had a pleasant time that would have been even more pleasant if I hadn't been so tired.

We eventually said our farewells, I wove my half-conscious way down to Synthia's place to drop off the girls, then staggered home.

I've mostly slept since then, with occasional bouts of online activity.

Though Timmie did drop by and take me out to dinner a couple of hours ago. Yay for best friends!

Somehow, though, I'm still tired - I suspect from the latest disease wave. So I'm going back to bed.
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