February 25th, 2006



I got myself together and made it to CCF pretty much on time. Not too surprisingly, since it was a lunch group, there were fewer of us: Myself, misswong77, yammylee, k_magic, and swanhart. Fun group, even without trivialt. Justin and I kinda pulled a Lucinda&Bjorn thing, and spent a lot of time talking about bandwidth sharing device ideas.

I think we actually came up with the possible beginnings of some good stuff, actually. I've gotta keep thinking about the possibilities - especially I was later thinking of a variant of the TOR network...

After lunch, Justin, Lucinda, and I wandered over to the Mac store so Lucinda could drool over the new PowerBooks. I hung out a little too long, and eventually got kinda pushed in the direction of Corteo.

A funny thing is that I ran into Jack on the way out, but got stuck saying some variant of "Long time no see, gotta go!"

I got over to the area of the big top in plenty of time to park and see the show. Well, I would have, if whoever arranged the parking signs hadn't been a sadist (Or more likely an idiot). I ended following one set to a dead end. Most of that time I was on the phone with timenchanter, who had almost as little luck. He remembered a place, and I managed to find my way there. It did have an official "Cirque parking" sign - but no signs that led to that one.

The final story is that we missed the first 10 minutes of the show, which sucks. I'm going to have to see it again sometime (Darn it!).

The show itself, well - it's very impressive, both artistically and gymnastically. They do some amazing stuff (Though the jugglers were a little off yesterday). I'd personally rank it behind both Dralion and Varekai. Still, very much worth seeing. And what's with the rubber chickens?

From there I headed home, costumed up a bit, and then went to KoC for the Black&Blue ball. Things were... similarly well organized there. I particularly liked the fact that I was supposed to do mics, but they'd decided to plant a booth directly up against the closet that contained them.

bluize wasn't there right then, and I was, for some reason, in one hell of a nasty mood. I left an insulting voicemail on her phone, then followed that up with a text message that apologized and was slightly less insulting.

And I had it easier than sarahl210. There wasn't enough space for her to set up a booth. While the DJ booth was full of useless crap, they still couldn't bring themselves to completely crowd us out.

Fortunately my mood had improved by the time I got around to actually working, because the live events were a complete disaster. Fortunately, mostly so from the point of view of us working them, instead of the general crowd. I especially felt bad for poor markobellydance. The first set was supposed to be at 10:45. He got changed, and I was waiting in the booth for contact from about 10:30 on. At 11:00, Sarah, the organizer (A different Sarah) dropped by the booth and said "We should be starting soon, huh?" She finally got all three of her acts together about half an hour later.

Marko was the only one who'd given me any music (There was a hiccup over the fact that he wanted two tracks played - something I should have checked with him. My bad). Partway into the third act they decided they wanted some "background music", and dancin_whitey had to scramble to find some.

Sarah then decided that the second act would start in 20 minutes. Except she couldn't find her people for that, either. Several of us were thankful she couldn't find her person for the "piercing act"...

In the end, she had an excellent dancer/drag king, name of "Jei", I believe. That wasn't one of my finest DJ moments either. She had her music on an iPod, which I can hook up, but had left the volume too low to hear through my system. I was sitting there playing stupidly with the "play/pause" button before montanamouse reached over and upped the volume control.

They had wanted to do an impromptu on-stage fashion show with anyone who showed up and signed up. Except they hadn't announced it earlier in the evening - or done the logical "Go around and forcibly sign people up" method. Fortunately, they were nimble enough to shift gears and send the judges through the dance floor, passing out prizes.

And with all that, it was a good night. Most of the people I talked to (When I wasn't chained to the booth) had a good time, and the dance floor was crowded all night - as was the whole club. I believe it was more successful than last year, at least in attendance.

I don't know how well it did in sales, since the one constant complaint I heard was about how hard it was to get drinks. The only experienced bartender serving fulltime was sugarbare, and she was swamped.

We had several cute go-go dancers all night, both male and female (among them spawrhawk and chargerboy), so there was officially available eye-candy all night, as well as encouragement to the crowd to come up and dance.

There were lots of people there I don't know, but also some familiar but rare faces - though no trivialt. kalidream and justnate were there, but more surprising was to see Jen and Carla. I'd been trying to get Jen there for ages - so she shows up on a non-karaoke night. Carla was looking scrumptious as usual, and Jen was looking pretty damn good herself - and was there with her boyfriend, because she's apparently getting divorced...

I have a fair number of pictures, which I'll put up when I finish formatting them. Oddly, most of them are of women this year too.

After the show, I performed my usual taxi service - this time for Gabe and Jasmine. I actually had an interesting time talking to Jasmine. She's much less of a lump when she's not around synkitty. Heck, I even have a dance crowd shot with her on a go-go box...

I was up most of the night for some reason, though not particularly conscious. I got out of bed around noon. It took me a little longer to get going, especially since (1) I was tired, and (2) I was waiting for Timmie to drop by and pick up his cash card. In fact, when all was said and done, I didn't make it to Starbucks for coffee with Debbie until 3:00.

So I got me a little Debbie hang-out time, which always makes me feel good. A while later, Lucinda showed up, and a while after that, so did Mikey. We wandered from there to Pasta Pomodoro, all the way at the other end of the strip mall.

And an excellent dinner was had by all.

From there, I dropped by the bar to put away my mics (Well-timed, too - they had just moved the booth away from my closet), helped move a few things, then went home. I was tired enough that I again slept in the driveway.

I'm supposed to be up at some incredibly early hour tomorrow so I can ride up to a service/show with today's group. Lucinda's driving, which is good, 'cause I'm going to be sleeping for most of the trip.
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