February 23rd, 2006



I normally don't remember my dreams, but parts of this one - and the odd aftermath - have stuck with me.

It was some kind of narrative about a serial killer/psycho type - ascetic, dark hair, black stubble - who got his instructions from a sort of dead homunculus, a little dead humanoid body about 8 inches high.

He carried his little friend/master around in a pine coffin he'd made himself, lined/packed with some sort of extremely frayed, ultra-soft silky gray cloth. At this point the weave was mostly gone, and it was almost like a fluffy silk packing material.

Our psycho friend also appeared to pack a steak knife.

The part I remember was him trying to recruit someone for some purpose, in a fairly dingy apartment. It would have been going well, except the recruitee's wife was not cooperating. Our psycho was doing his last ditch effort to clinch the deal by getting out and cracking his box a little bit, then fraying off and offering a pinch of the gray cloth.

For some reason this was, indeed, enough to do it - if the wife hadn't then started screaming questions about what was in the box.

I fully expected her to die about then, and she might have - if I hadn't woken up, thinking "What the fuck? I hate horror movies, and what's with the tiny dead man in the box?"

And that's where it actually got strange. While partially awake, I was presented with an extremely vivid and complicated 3D light show. Very much like standing in a midway, except it was just lights in uniform glowing globes and rods, some flashing, some rotating, and all very bright.

The impression was that I was supposed to be distracted by the show and forget the dream. But I kept thinking "What's with the little dead guy?"

After a few minutes, the light show blinked out, and I opened my eyes all the way.

And people wonder why I've never bothered taking drugs...
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Retreating in a Generally Forward Direction

Last night's Dinner and ... was a lot of fun, as usual. I was feeling a little guilty - Frida had called up earlier, obviously depressed - but this was the plan for this week. And I only get so much Debbie exposure at a time.

I brought some chips, baklava, and cookies. This was apparently a good thing - they disappeared fairly rapidly. However, shortly after that jeffercine finished barbequeing Debbie's chicken, and we dug in...

I wasn't in the most social of moods last night. I mean, yeah, I talked to several people, I had a good time, I laughed, I almost survived Jeff's first attempt at absinthe - but I kept feeling detached. I spent the end of the night on cekyr0's computer researching DBA filings, while most everyone else watched "Little Britain."

Ah well. After I got home, around 2am, I discovered one of the reasons Frida's depressed: I got an email from Stuart in Houston. He had a problem with the program I'd been using. I was fortunately able to fix his problem (Yay me!), so he could get at least 5 hours of sleep before starting again in the morning. Poor guy. They're running him ragged on this present project, and he's a committed enough type to let them.

Today I got up in time to do lunch with timenchanter. This had three functions: He had to leave work for a full hour, and couldn't obsess over the umpteen thousand projects he's trying to handle, I had to get up before late afternoon, and we both got to spend some time together. A definite win-win-win scenario.

From there I headed to the county offices, and filed my DBA form. Then to my bank to deposit a check and try to open a business account - except I can't until the relevant person comes back on Monday (It's a very small branch of a small credit union, but they've always done right by me). So that's on hold.

Then down to the Alameda to the offices of one of the various "newspapers of record" (Read: Papers you've never heard of) to publish my DBA information, as required. Then some shopping, and some standing around the garden section of Home Depot trying to converse over LJ with misswong77. For some reason that building has terrible reception, so I was stuck hanging around the mulch for about 25 minutes waiting for pages to load.

Now all I need to do is open the new bills from PG&E and the water company, and see what the damages are - I think these are third notices, so I may have to go in tomorrow to handle them...

Flake? Hell yeah!
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I opened the PG&E bill - I've got 15 days, so I can mail the money in.

But the total bill's for a little over $700 dollars.

Granted, that's for two months, and it's been damn cold. But $700? Sheesh...
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Let There Be Light!

I've got a new bulb in the can for the booth - and reasonably bright bulbs in the other fixtures!

I can actually read the disc spines!

bluize is so going to have a shit fit.

Mwuahahahahaha! I can see!
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