February 21st, 2006



Monday was mostly spent asleep. I kept waking up for a bit, then going back to bed.

Very vivid dreams, though as usual I can't remember much of them - one was something Scooby-Doo-esque about mutant ants (Or lack thereof), a family farm, and a government conspiracy...

That (the sleep), and the resultant lethargy, had me arriving at the bar at 8:05, and not getting set up until 8:35. Not to mention forgetting my stack of uncut slips at home (D'Oh!).

Still, it was a pretty good night. The lovely valeriesparks was back to bartending, which is always a positive. Scott and kozmic_tar were there, though trivialt was not. Scott, however, made some effort to make sure Stan was there in effigy.

Paul D. was there all night. He's on crutches for some reason - I didn't ask.

I discovered my "hick" singing accent reminds Kendall very painfully of growing up in the Ozarks. Apparently I'm spot-on.

It was a pretty nice evening. The rotation stayed between 9 and 12 for most of the night, and the energy was pretty positive.

When bluize took over at midnight, she decided I should end early, so I shut down just a little after 1:00 - not too early.

Then I dropped Jasmine and synkitty off, grabbed some Taco Bell, and headed home. I wasn't up to too much more - I had a little LJ conversation with Stan, and collapsed.

Today I was going to do at least one productive thing - in this case, acquire a seller's permit. I don't know if I was still lethargic, or just nervous, but things were kinda weird.

I should mention that (with all due apologies to timechanter), bureaucracies make me nervous. It doesn't help that I haven't found a form yet that actually pertains to my personal situation.

I discovered as I got to lunch that I'd forgotten my earpiece. So I had to go home and get it - after all, one can't sit in someone's office without an earpiece.

So I got home, did a few unnecessary things (Like syncing my phone - a vital activity, in case some feral bureaucrat destroyed it), discovered a sudden need to use the bathroom, and knocked a picture off my wall.

I'm surprised I didn't run into something on the way to downtown.

I found the place, waited nicely until they called me, then sat and tried to answer questions by a hispanic guy with what appeared to be a Cuban accent (Looosie! I'm hooome!) and the unlikely name of "Harry."

Who very kindly waived all fees and gave me a permit. I'm sure the main thought running through his mind was "Huh! That's loser #56 for today! Is it 5:00 yet?"

So despite myself, I've done at least one productive thing today. Yay me!

I'm going to set up some more paperwork for tomorrow, then try to make it to the bar at opening, and finally install the receiver for the new mic.

We'll see how that goes.
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