February 20th, 2006


Birthday Rushes

I didn't really do anything Saturday - well, some reading, a little bit of studying, emphasis on the "little". The funniest part was my taking a shower, cleaning up, and getting ready to go out around 11:30 that night - then deciding to go across the street and get a sandwich and munchies from 7-11.

Sunday was a tad more frantic. I knew what I wanted to get for timenchanter, but I had been planning to shop Saturday, and I didn't know who might have it.

So I kind of careened from place to place, and finally ended up with everything I needed.

Then I got to pick up the Empress (Yay! Debbie time!), and we went to Sonoma Chicken Coop for Timmie's birthday dinner.

Which was a blast - and fairly crowded.

Around about 6:50 someone asked me when I should be heading to the show, to which the answer was, "Oh I've got at least, uh, oh... about 20 minutes ago." So Debbie and I headed to the bar, and I did my usual frantic job of setting up.

I got going pretty close to on time, which is good, because last night was, well, a madhouse. I'd kinda figured on there being a Timmie-related crowd. I'd forgotten Monday was a holiday. I'm hoping it wasn't too hard on mvmedic. It was his first time bartending, and he got slammed.

As did I. Unlike Thursday, I wasn't able to make it through a full three rounds. I also had people walk off with all my slips about a third of the way through the evening, which made things a little tricky. Fortunately, most people who wanted to write up songs were willing to scan the bar and hunt slips down.

The evening had a slightly odd energy - mostly positive, though. I think any real problems I had were related to me being incredibly tired, for some reason. But I kept things clicking pretty smoothly, so yay me!

The last song (supersniffles's first - I was going to get her up to sing, dammit!) ended at about 1:59, and people filed out in a reasonably orderly fashion. I closed down fairly rapidly, then drove myself and Jasmine to the Denny's event, already in progress.

That consisted of the two of us, Cindi, kshandra, h2ocrazyguy, Kristi, Timmie, Steven, and mr_seed. That was much fun.

It got less fun when I drove Jasmine home. I was not fit to drive (way too tired), and should have napped in the parking lot or something. I kept swerving out of my lane. But I got her home, then got myself home without serious incident. I then proceeded to sleep in the car for about 40 minutes, because I wasn't up to all the energy involved in getting out.

I finally got myself inside, then fell asleep in my chair, which lasted until about 10:00 this morning, when kissesoh1 called me to say she wouldn't need a ride (I was supposed to take her somewhere at 11:00), because the drug use at her destination had exceeded acceptable levels.

So I crawled into bed.

On other notes, I should probably apologize to Kirsten. She had previously, umm, commented on the icon I'm using for this post, and I thought "Gee, I haven't worn that shirt in ages!" So I did, fully knowing she was going to be there last night.

Never let it be said I'm not evil.
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