February 18th, 2006



OK, here's yet another logo try, since it's been widely accepted that my previous one is quite phallic. It's rather interesting that misswong77 has to tilt her head to see that, but one can chalk that up to inexperience...

So here, rather much like the first one, actually:

I think the new version of the KOR makes seeing "VD" less likely than in the first try, and with the ENTERPRISES far enough up, it's more difficult (at least for me) to see "Renterprises".

I realize it's back to kind of a separated space between the two portions, but I'm not sure how important that is to me right now.

Anyway, comments please, as always!
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Empirical Conversation

I floated through the rest of yesterday, until it was time to get to Cheesecake Factory. I wasn't too late for a change, which was nice.

A pleasant dinner, with the Empress, yammylee, and spawrhawk sitting in one corner, and the rest of us kind of in a separate group.

We were 13 this time. Apart from the aforementioned, we had nikari (!), timenchanter, markobellydance, misswong77, k_magic, intrusting, and trivialt! Yes, Stan was there!

Far from the happiest of people, but definitely there.

And we here see that my memory sucks. There were several jokes about the 13 of us, there's an area of the table I can't focus on well with my mind's eye - and I've only counted 10 people. This doesn't mean they were unimportant - or even that I didn't interact with them. When writing up a previous, smaller CCF, I was sure I had forgotten someone, but couldn't remember who it was. In that case it was nightvzn, who was right next to me, and the person I talked to the most...

I'm pretty sure one of those three wasn't Mike. I'm going to feel really stupid if it was.

Ah well.

We took quite a while to evaporate after dinner. The next-to-last to go was Stan, who, well, really didn't want to dwell on the day's events. And who also loaned me the first three seasons of Family Guy.

The very last group was myself, Lucinda, and Tim. I ran into the two of them talking in the parking structure, and we kept going for over an hour before moving the conversation to Lucinda's house.

Tim went home around, I believe, 11:30. I left when Lucinda went to bed at somewhere near 12:30.

I came home, fiddled on the net a bit, and slept. Woke up around 10:00, played some more on the web, did the new logo, and posted that.

Not too long after that I fell asleep again, and didn't wake up until 5:00. I've been, well, obviously incredibly productive since then...

I have done a bit of studying in both MySQL and PHP, so it hasn't been a dead loss. And the conversations - both phone and LJ - have been good.

The real danger is that I had leftover Cheesecake Factory for lunch, and kissesoh1 brought me some pizza for dinner. So I haven't really had an incentive to get up, yet. I was going to do some shopping today, but, well...

Time for another episode of Family Guy!
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