February 14th, 2006


I Think This is the Last One

I'm pretty happy with this one - the framing creates an elliptical space that links the two portions of the logo, and the whole has a reasonably pleasing symmetry.

Comments welcome as always. Especially things like "Well, it looks like a dildo to me"...
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Full Moon on a Monday

After performing the oh-so-odious task of sitting in a waiting room to keep timenchanter company, we had a quick dinner at Popeye's, and then I got home, gathered my stuff, and headed to the bar.

Definitely a light night, but not anywhere near dead. Most of the night was a rotation of about 8 people, though the particular 8 kept changing as people came and went.

None of those was trivialt, however.

I was actually singing pretty well, except for my (requested) version of "The Bitch is Back," which would have been much better if I'd known anything beyond the chorus...

Sadly, valeriesparks wasn't bartending, but she and Alex showed up for a little bit and sang a song apiece.

Steven didn't show up, which worries me - I'm concerned that he's going to let the mic thing drive him off.

There were a fair number of duets going back and forth, and people requesting songs from each other. A good energy night, even if the frequent songs changes did keep me scrambling.

I closed around 1:40, at the end of the 10th round, drove synkitty and Jasmine home, then headed back to Cardinal Lounge.

At least this time I only hung out for an hour and a half.

Then home. I went to bed pretty rapidly, but woke up around 6:00. I don't know if anyone else gets these, but I'll get coughing fits from lying down, which sometimes promote both heartburn and sinus headaches. Not a happy camper was I.

That took an hour or two to calm down. I took advantage of the time to finish picking vendors and set up the domain name. Now I just need to navigate an SSL certificate.

Not a lot since then. I'm getting kinda hungry, and feel like going out for a nice relaxing sit-down dinner on my own.

Except I know I'm doomed. All the halfway decent restaurants are going to be mobbed - and have overpriced menus.

Looks like a Taco Bell evening. Or I could splurge and do Carl's...
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Bah, Humbug

No, this isn't an anti-Valentine's Day rant. Though I really do need to clean up and go eat something, and I'll have to deal with the crowds of people that only go out 4 times a year.

Even Denny's will probably be packed. Now that's sad.

No, I'm upset because of the amount I don't get about hosting. I suspect it has more to do with individual local setup than anything else, but it seems to me that if an ISP provides on-site Unix-based email, and one purchases a domain name through the same ISP, that mail to that domain should work, yes? Well, apparently, no, I can get web access just fine - but the email doesn't function. Well, OK, it recognizes its own existence while bouncing everything back, which I suppose is one step in the right direction.

On top of that, if one can access one's email server through the new domainname quite successfully, except for irritating SSL name mismatch errors, one would think that buying and installing an SSL certificate for the new domain would work for Thunderbird access too, no? No. The certificate only works for the e-commerce site I wasn't going to build in the near future.

Sorry, just felt like ranting. I'm sure there's several things I'm missing, especially since I've never studied the whole SSL thing too closely.

Hopefully their tech support will get around to mailing me back sometime.
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