February 13th, 2006


Yet More

Another take on the logo idea, taking things in a different direction:

Any comments strongly appreciated, as before.
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Busy Busy Busy

I got myself to the Gay Bar last night around 6:00 - so I had half an hour to schmooze before heading to the bar. I'm fortunately a quick schmoozer. I have to say, cmjfoxfyre was looking even more lovely than usual, which is saying quite a bit.

Then to the bar, where I set up as rapidly as possible. Things looked pretty quiet - the only people there were myself, bluize, synkitty, and Jasmine. I believe, in fact, that I started the show with only three of us in the rotation. That expanded to 6 before the first rotation was over.

Then we were off. By the end of the night, I'd managed 6 rotations, but one of those was 28 people long, which is near unheard-of on a Sunday. We were busy.

As has been mentioned elsewhere, trivialt made a brief, but notable appearance in his capacity as an over-exhausted Stania.

It was definitely a more lesbianic night than we've had in a while, which was very nice - especially having people that aren't there all that often. Gretchen's crew showed up, and Sara spent a great deal of the night chasing a CYT that to all appearances was chasing her back. Kristin actually came out before closing - and sang several times in front of a crowd! Well, OK, she was hiding over on the side, but she was still singing publicly. That made me happy - I enjoy her singing.

Effie and Amanda showed up after a long absence.

But the oddest blast from the past was Llorona. For whatever reason, Maggie is watching her right now, and decided to come out to the bar and bring the girl along. So I got to go outside a couple of times and pet her. She was quite the center of attention - I don't think I've ever seen that dog so near orgasm.

I closed, well, pretty much at 2:00. I was supposed to finish off the round with Kendall, but he'd headed out, so dancin_whitey got a second song (He'd showed up kinda late...). Not the one he thought, but the one mvmedic picked for him.

In sadder news, the red microphone is now pretty much dead. It was the subject of an unsuccessful piece of grandstanding by Steven. It still kinda works, but the bottom is partially cracked off, and it can make some very odd noises at times. I probably won't have shopping time this evening, but I hopefully can get a replacement before Thursday. I'm just glad this happened to the mic I was thinking of replacing anyway.

From the bar, I performed short bus service for Heather, Synthia, and Jasmine, then headed to the Cardinal Lounge, where I had Moussaka and played on my laptop (hence the latest logo attempt) until about 5:20, when my battery gave out. The wireless was working again there, which makes that a very dangerous coffee shop.

I haven't done much today yet - but I need to clean up right now, since I'm giving timenchanter company during a medical visit in a little over an hour.
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Guilty Pleasures

I got tagged a couple of times on this one - I'm not going to pass it on, due to the huge number of people already tagged...

  1. Webcomics. I love me them pictures with text. I have around 30 that I check per night. It's amazing the amount of good artwork - and good storylines - that can be found out there.

  2. Multitools. Show me a hammer, and I'll see a tool that I might use someday. Show me a hammer that's also a pair of pliers, and I start salivating. I think it all started because my parents had one of those "chinese doll" hammers (I think they're still sold) with a series of nested screwdrivers inside the knurled brass handle.

  3. Food. Food is my friend. I adore food. I make frequent food analogies. I talk about the food of different cultures. I know two languages, but I know food names from about 12.

  4. Conversation. I love to talk - and I love to listen. Actually, I'm don't feel guilty about this one at all - but it's a major part of my life. This and food is why I love restaurants so much.

  5. Porn. What can I say? The internet is for porn.

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