February 11th, 2006


Soooo Full....

I timed last night's CCF pretty much perfectly - I showed up just as misswong77's buzzer went off. 'Twas a small group this week - myself, Lucinda, yammylee, entropyca, and a slightly late nightvzn. No trivialt, I'm afraid. There were hopes that Kelly would show up, but those didn't materialize - possibly because Lucinda forgot her phone.

I over-ate as usual - I seem to think it's some kind of social necessity. I had my bowl of clam chowder, and my half of a plate of chicken and biscuits. One very pleasant series of conversations later, I headed home to recover.

That took a while. I had the other half of the chicken and biscuits when I started feeling hungry again this afternoon. And now I'm back to being stuffed again. I'm beginning to think that the Cheesecake Factory is part of a terrorist plot to wipe us out through obesity. Yeah, that's it...

Otherwise, not much. I'm working on a logo for the new project, and doing research as usual. Hopefully I'll have everything I'll need ready for Monday.

I'll be at the Campbell showing of Rocky Horror tonight as part of mvmedic's outing. So far, it looks like we'll consist of myself, William, hollyk, sugarbare and Stan. If you want to join us, either meet with the group at KoC at 10:30, or meet us at the theater at least half an hour before midnight - it's the Cinelux Plaza 4 Theatre, 2501 S. Winchester in Campbell.

Don't dream it, be it, and all that sort of rot, what?
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Tell Me What You Think

Hey - I just finished working on a logo design, and I was wondering if people could be (constructively) brutal about it. Here it is, at the resolution it would be seen at normally:

The concept was to have a "hand-drawn" look to the KOR portion - which it is, which is a pain and a half on a touchpad, too. It's just that I'm trying for kind of a "Zen brushtroke" look, and am afraid I managed more of a "kindergarten" look...
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