February 9th, 2006


An Estrogen-Filled Day

Yesterday morning, at just about 8:00, my slumber was disturbed by a small voice. It seemed to be repeating the same thing over and over again. As I slowly became more aware of my surroundings, I realized it was saying "Hot chocolate, please!"

A few clicks more consciousness later, I realized the voice was outside my head, and was in fact a few inches in front of it. I stayed motionless in the hopes it would go away. Instead, it climbed onto the bed, and eventually onto me, all the while insisting on "Hot chocolate, please!"

Towards the end, the voice got quite a bit more emphatic, and I eventually had to concede that coming awake would be necessary. So I made Sabrina her *&#)$& hot chocolate, and went back to bed.

Around noon, I got up and got myself cleaned up. At 1:30, Frida and I went to a relatively ritzy part of Oakland. I explored Rockridge St (I think that's the name) while she communed with her therapist. A nice little shopping area, with a lot of cool shops. Though I ended up spending most of that time on the phone with trivialt.

Then back to her house, where we had some lunch, and I started to develop a migraine. So I napped until around 5:30, when I was tasked to go pick up Sabrina from her preschool.

Not too long after that Mary showed up, and thoughts of dinner began - except my head still wasn't cooperating. In the end I ended up napping some more while Frida and Mary talked, and then was woken up in time for dinner - well, in time for dinner around 9:00, which is a little late for this household.

Still, I was feeling better, the company was good, and the food was excellent.

We all talked until midnight, at which time Frida went to bed. Mary and I stayed up talking - and watching the DVD of the 2005 Cream concert - until around 2:00, when she went home.

And now I'm going to go collapse. Unfortunately I know of no way to lock my door against more morning visitations...
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And Home Again

I woke up this morning to Sabrina calling for her mother to make her some hot chocolate - which was probably unheard, since she was yelling from the living room up to the master bedroom on the second floor.

After 20 minutes or so of that, she decided I might be a more productive line of inquiry. Today, she was a bit less interested in saying "please," so I waited until she actually asked nicely before reacting.

I mixed up her fix, then went back to sleep until about noon, when Frida woke me up with a cup of Earl Grey.

A nice conversation or two later, we had some bagels and lox, and then I headed to the shower, got myself together, and headed back south.

I've been home for a little bit. It's odd - this place is a mess, there's always more drama, and the weather is noticeably less comfortable. But it's home. Ah well. I'll probably be heading back out for dinner shortly, then to the bar.
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