February 8th, 2006


Up North

Monday's show ended very nicely. I finished the 8th round just about 1:40.

Another Denny's night, this time with kshandra (Much more sober than the last time), myself, synkitty, Jasmine, Steven, and Susan. Steven was again in rare plushie form, and in fact gave me a couple of them, as a hetero couple for the straight man.

Yesterday I woke up around noon, puttered around with things (including a 50 minute phone conversation with trivialt), somehow managing again to take until 4:30 to get dressed and on the road for my early date with Alameda.

It's been nice - some playing with Sabrina (Who loves defining new rules for games, then cheating on her own rules outrageously), some talk with Frida, and part of a movie called, I believe, "Mail Order Bride." Cute movie - but I kept wandering away, thinking about other things.

Now all I need to do is brush my teeth, and convince Xena to get off my bed...
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