February 6th, 2006


Window Shopping

Last night's show ended up running 6 rounds - mainly because I insisted on shoehorning the last singer in at 1:53.

Since it was a small group, we at least managed to vacate close to on time.

The Denny's run this time comprised myself, a happily inebriated timenchanter, a supersniffles convinced to abandon her pot roast, synkitty, Steven, Kendall, and mvmedic.

We weren't able to go to our usual Denny's, but got ourselves a place by the fireplace at the next one down the road. We were a little sillier than usual - Steven got almost everyone plushies, then tied Kendall's shoelaces together.

So we tickled him in revenge.

From there I took Synthia and Timmie home.

Today I got myself up and somewhat presentable around 1:30, then headed out with a somewhat disabled Timmie to Santana Row to have lunch and window shop. He was feeling rather delicate, so took the day off sick.

I finally had the chance to drag him to the Straits Restaurant, which he'd been avoiding just on the name.

After a good lunch - which cleared both our sinuses - we wandered through the complex. There were an amusing number of gay couples strolling through, which kind of made me realize one of the reasons I like hanging around gay men.

It's obviously not true for all, but most gay men have some interest in aesthetics. For most straight men, the subject covers what baseball cap to wear for the day. That bugs the hell out of me.

We recovered Fawkes, and Timmie went off in search of his boyfriend. I found myself a book on XML, and went home to do a bit of web research before heading to the bar.

I got a bit involved, so I got here at 7:50. With 4 people ready to start. So I boogied, and got going by 8:10.

It's been a good night for a Monday. The lovely valeriesparks is presiding, cekyr0 and jeffercine are here, kshandra is making an appearance, and mr_seed recently came in.

There are 12 people in the rotation, and everyone's singing along.

The only sad note is that trivialt isn't here.
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