February 5th, 2006


Parties Everywhere!

Last night I went to k_magic's place to hang out and watch some video. The rumors you may have heard are true - trivialt was there all night.

I was worried about being late, so of course I was there a good 40 minutes earlier than anyone else - that anyone else being the usually prompt misswong77.

In the end, we were also entropyca, deekers, intrusting, timenchanter, markobellydance, and Kristi. We watched "Heathers" and the 1st season of "Little Britain," which is just wrong. Various of us will be quoting Little Britain bits back and forth for some time.

We also munched on the excellent products of Tim's kitchen.

I got home about 2:00, and pretty much collapsed in bed.

Today, Timmie woke me up around 11:00 with talk of lunch. He ended up taking me out to Todai, which was much fun.

Then I discovered I was going to a Superbowl party at sugarbare's place. I didn't object - I just didn't know. So after getting myself cleaned up, and handling a couple of things, I headed there.

So that's where I spent the afternoon, hanging with Carrie, hollyk, mvmedic, wavewarrior, Carrie&Holly's friend Brian, and, of course, the Timmie/Mark/Kristi triad.

Definitely a fun group. We took turns at our favorite game: Teasing Holly. Did I mention we were all outside? Not much football watching - which suits me just fine.

I didn't particularly want to leave, but the show beckoned. I got here late, but managed to start no more than 3 minutes past eight..

It's been, well, most likely terrible for the bar so far. There are 8 people in the rotation, and that's pretty much the people in the bar. But hey - Natalie's here, ajayav's here, valeriesparks is here, and mr_seed is here. That makes for a good time.

Besides Timmie, Mark, and Kristi just walked in...

Life, all-in-all, is good.
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Happens Every Time

All I had to do was say something.

So the first two rounds tonight were 8 each - and the third was looking the same.

Then they started pouring in - including trivialt! The third round ended with 19 singers.

Not used to this on a Sunday. It's kinda cool...
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