February 3rd, 2006



Last night was pretty crazy. The bar wasn't necessarily packed, but pretty busy - and a high fraction of those people were singing. By 11:30, I had run out of "new" spaces on my 40-singer chart, and was shoving new people into vacated slots.

We did 3 rounds, and then a fraction of one up until I gave up at 1:55.

Her highness, misswong77, graced us not only with the single song she promised, but also with a duet about an hour and a half later. I assume things were being just too interesting. We also got to hear a song by spondee, which is also a rare treat.

The drama level was pretty high, mostly around an incident I'm in no position to talk about. Said to-be-undescribed situation cast a bit of a pall over the evening, but most of us managed to recover.

As I said before, we were pretty busy - quite a few people were there, including trivialt, who stayed all night.

Sort of a mixed bag of a show. A lot of fun, a lot of good singing, and also some real downers. I know I was kept jumping around in my little box - last minute changes, new singers with standard singers' names (One new Jason, a new Steven, and two - two! Joshes. Yeah, I haven't had a Josh in a while. But I got the two new ones mixed up).

synkitty and misdev came out to celebrate the end of Devon's schooling. They asked for a ride home - I figured Devon was still at Synthia's place, so I said OK. Heather said she'd come if she could get a ride - it's the other side of town, but I said OK to that as well.

This helped get the after-show Denny's run pretty enormous. We were myself, those three, supersniffles, Steven, Susan, Rob (Brought along to sober up), Bennie, Bennie's attachment for the night (Richard), and eventually mvmedic. Good times.

I then found out that Devon's now staying near Lawrence and El Camino. So I drove there, then up to near Milpitas for Heather, then down to Camden for Synthia. Then very groggily home. I made it here around 5:00, and collapsed in a heap by 5:30. I've been sleeping or dozing since.

Well, apart from a long phone conversation with Stan, who's definitely enjoying having a phone.
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Not As Good As I Expected...

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