January 28th, 2006


Sleeping My Life Away

I slept most all of Friday afternoon, and only woke up in time for CCF because kissesoh1 called to ask for a "loan" for diapers.

Rushed to get myself together and to Valley Fair, then had a great time with misswong77, nightvzn, a couple of Mike's old friends (Uh, Peter and... I'm really bad with names unless they're written on a slip somewhere), and a short but very pleasant appearance by yammylee.

That took until 10:00 or so. Then I went home, and sorta did stuff, sorta dozed in my chair while my digestive system wrestled with dinner.

The company that made my karaoke book software apparently up and died, so I've been looking at doing a roll-your-own PHP/MySQL replacement. I spent some time looking at PHP PDF creation code. A little at LaTEX, too, but that really seems like overkill for what is basically a single, large table.

I finally made it to bed around 7:00, and now need to hurry and get up so timenchanter and I can get up to my parents' dome.
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