January 27th, 2006


Bar Crowd of DOOM

I slept in until around 6:00 last night, took a shower, and headed to the show. What with preparations and dinner (I do take the slowest showers in the known universe), I didn't make it to the bar until 8:00.

Things weren't too busy right then, but I boogied, and managed to start at about 8:32. I believe I had 5 people signed up at that point.

It increased from there.

Granted, I've had nights with more singers. Though I had around 35 individual singers, they came and went, so I only had around 20 people per rotation. But the bar was packed. Thank goodness trivialt wasn't there - there would have been no room to breathe.

I had enough people changing songs/writing the wrong number/verbally requesting songs that I was kept rotating at high speed in my little booth for the full night. synkitty had had a bad week, and spent most of the evening somewhat attached.

Still, a lot of fun - there's nothing quite like having markobellydance do the sound effects to "Desert Rose" while you're singing it...

James and Valerie showed up, which was a bit of a surprise.

I ended up running one song short of a full 5 rounds - I couldn't squeeze supersniffles in at 1:55.

Afterwards, Synthia, Cindi, Steven and myself headed to Denny's. mvmedic was planning to join us as well - I assume, since he needed to take Susan home, that he ended up doing that instead. There also may have been some trouble removing a couple of guys from the bar...

Fun as usual. Then dropped Synthia off, and home to relative unconsciousness.
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