January 25th, 2006


Not What I Expected

But fun for all that.

I got supersniffles and elynne to Cindi's bank, so she could start the process of getting her money back. That of course took a while.

Then we rescued Rizzo, and Cindi took us both to sushi for lunch.

Then a flit through Target. And much fun conversation to be had on the way.

From there I headed home, talked with timenchanter for a while as I dealt with responses to yesterday's post - a vital and important undertaking. After much urging, I finally got myself presentable, then headed out with Timmie to grab some Taco Bell, and join markobellydance's clan at a bowling alley.

So I hung around and watched people bowl, met several of the family, and relaxed in the Pleasantville atmosphere.

Then home, and an early bed by my standards.

This wasn't the plan - I was going to go keep Frida company yesterday. But other things intervened.

In fact, today's visit will be cut short - I have to make it to a traffic court arraignment tomorrow morning at 9:00, so I'm going to have to come home and sleep at a reasonable hour.
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