January 16th, 2006



Last night's show was fun - neither incredibly busy or dead. I ended up finishing at 1:30, at the end of the 7th rotation.

Not that it wasn't too long for some people - especially a new guy (Robert) that unfortunately asked for a song at the beginning of one of the two hour-long rounds.

I'd feel worse about him if he weren't one of those people that thinks stopping the KJ at the bar between songs to roughly describe what he wants is a normal thing. For some reason the people who can't wait for their song are always happy to delay everyone else. Ah well - end of rant.

The lovely sugarbare was bartending, and it was synkitty's birthday, which she was celebrating with Jasmine and misdev. Everyone played nice, which was gratifying.

timenchanter and markobellydance made an appearance - actually Timmie spent all night after getting there. trivialt was nowhere to be seen.

supersniffles showed up early, and hung out until closing before heading up to Sacto.

A group headed out to Denny's. For once, I wasn't one of them - I was transporting the girls back to their place.

Then home, and sleep.

Today I got up in time to get my teeth cleaned, then a quick lunch before heading out to an interesting event I can't describe with a person I can't talk about. That took almost all afternoon/evening, and was definitely the most interesting thing to happen in a while. Right now I'm finishing dinner at Carl's before running off late to the show.
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