January 15th, 2006


Dead Dork Driveling

I'm an... interesting case sometimes. As far as I knew, I had to get my estimated taxes out today - the 15th and all. So I was gonna not go to bed until they were done.

After napping on and off in my chair, it was around 7am when I actually got started. After a little bit of fiddling, an attempt to use Turbotax (Always a mistake if you don't have all your official documents ready), I threw together some numbers, and pulled some forms off the IRS and FTB websites.

And discovered I've got until Tuesday to turn it all in.

Also rediscovered that SE is a bitch. I'd owe almost nothing if it weren't for Social Security.

So I panicked a little - I've got enough to cover the payment, but not much left after that - then I slept for a bit. Then got up, futzed around, and was about to go back to sleep when I got a referred pickup call - chargerboy was stranded at the San Jose airport.

I headed out to handle that, and also to deposit my last paycheck - it would make the estimated payment mildly less painful. Except I screwed that up - I got flustered, because I normally don't deposit into that particular account through ATM, using that particular card, and I had to look up the PIN, etc, etc. Long story short, I fed it the deposit envelope, but left the check out.

So now I've got to clear all that up. It's not the end of the world, but it's one more thing. I don't feel I should deposit the check until then, so there goes that feeling of security.

Right now I need to clean up and head to the bar, where synkitty is having her birthday party. And invited both Jasmine and misdev. I see dramatic times ahead for the evening.

In more positive news, kissesoh1 became disenchanted with her kind of mildly disturbing friends, and kicked them all to the curb. So hopefully my living room will cease to look as much like the set for "As the ghetto turns."
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