January 14th, 2006


Dinner and Conversation

I didn't do much at all yesterday afternoon, when you come down to it. In fact, I took a nap just before needing to jump in the shower to make it to CCF (Those initials always get me - it was the name of my school's Christian fellowship, which is just amusing given misswong77).

The clam chowder event was a great deal of fun, as usual. We were myself, Lucinda, intrusting, nightvzn, spawrhawk, entropyca, and timenchanter. A definitely pleasant group.

From there, Timmie and I went over to justnate's for a Friday 13th party. I can't say I was thrilled with most of the participants - but I spent a couple of hours talking with kalidream, which was much fun, and possibly closer to 6 talking to Nate. The man is a dangerous time sink.

My idea of heaven.

Around about 4:00, he headed off to bed - having not really slept much for near 3 days. I got somewhat sucked into the video then playing ("Into the Woods"), but managed to drag myself away from Bernadette Peters and home.

Actually, I swung up to Lawrence Expressway for some McDonald's apple pies first. Not only am I big enough to look pregnant, but I get cravings, too...

Home, sleep, then, well, not much. Been futzing around, avoiding taxes, all day so far.

Well, Timmie got a laptop as part of his new position as union secretary, and I just loaned him a wireless card and did the setup necessary to join my network. Woo! Productivity!

Now the man wants to drag me out and make me get a new faucet to replace the broken one on the kitchen sink. All these damn responsible people. Gah!
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I Hate Work

But all my efforts to avoid it have been in vain.

I delayed getting out of the house to acquire the new faucet as long as possible - but Home Depot is still open at 7:30 on Saturdays, damn them!

So we got a new faucet, and some supplies, then went to the President for dinner. I always forget that little hole-in-the-wall exists, but timenchanter fortunately remembered. I didn't even do the Mongolian BBQ part - the buffet was quite sufficient.

Then home, where Timmie insisted we install the blasted thing. Three hours or so of cursing, swearing, and pain later, there's a new, functional kitchen faucet downstairs.

Of course, in the process, I got to see the aftermath of an earlier leak: The bottom of the sink cabinet is extremely concave. Joy.

Now I get to see how long it takes kissesoh1 or one of her friends to destroy it...
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