January 5th, 2006



I fell asleep in my chair around midnight. This isn't so rare. What is unusual is the dream it gave me - I believe I had my head hung at an angle that made it, well, difficult to raise. That at least was the dream.

I was somewhere moving, but couldn't tell what it was, where I was, if I was safe or in danger. I couldn't open my eyes or raise my head. I managed to scream a lot, though, which I hope to hell didn't translate to real life.

At some point I managed to look and find that I was on a train, and safe. Well, it was an open-top train (Like at train rides), and I was looking over the edge of a cliff, but no big deal. Shortly after that, I managed to wake up in my room - still relatively safe.

Bleah, I say, bleah!
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Sick Daze

Last night was mostly a blur. I watched a few Tenchi episodes, cruised the web, ate snacks from 7-11 (I loooove having one across the street), collapsed on the bed a few times.

Today, well, I'm feeling better or kinda feverish, take your pick. I managed to work around the problem I had Tuesday, and verified and released a whole buncha stuff for work.

Got an odd complaint about it, which I responded to, I think relatively professionally.

Also dealt with some more stuff with CSAA. I'm supposed to show that I've insured the van, which is difficult, since they totalled it over a year ago. At least I got a reaction this time.

I read through the archives of yet another webcomic - the angsty adventures of a depressed Parisienne living LA called C'est La Vie. In my present state, at least, I find it quite funny.

So now I'm supposedly doing dinner with timenchanter before the show. I suppose I should probably call him and actually arrange that...
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