December 27th, 2005


Mondays and Crazies

I finally got myself going yesterday, finished the shopping I needed, delivered one (To She Who Shall Not Be Named), and then tried to catch up with misswong77 and the gang. I figured it was a doomed endeavor, since I wasn't ready until 6:00.

But it turns out they were finishing up their skating outing, and heading to Sonoma Chicken Coop. Coincidentally, timenchanter, pjdorian, and Dennis were finishing up dinner at ThepThai. So I dropped off Timmie's card and gift there, got to say hi to those three, then went next door with the gang - Lucinda, cekyr0, jeffercine and Roger.

Literally went with them - they apparently saw me walking into ThepThai, and came in to see what I was doing in the wrong restaurant.

One very pleasant, if overly loaded with parmesan dinner later (The things one does to please the Queen), I took off to pick up synkitty (Who, by the way, bought me a nice pen for Christmas), then headed for the bar.

Got there late, but hey, it was just sugarbare and the two of us at that point.

I was ready to go by 8:30, at least.

It was the best Monday I've had in a long time. This isn't to say it was crowded. But we did have 20 people in the bar for a good part of the night - that's quite a few more than I've had in a while. The rotation stayed around 8-9 for most of the night.

I was apparently fairly "on". Both Carrie and hollyk threatened violence if I wasn't "nice", and they even sang most everything I gave them. Carrie didn't even advance on me with her scissors once.

The big surprise of the night was Jeffrey. He showed up and spent a good part of the evening. It had been quite a while - I think the last time Nikki and Honey had him in a pseudo-dress. It was nice to see him again.

We had a couple of new people - Tony and his wife/girlfriend (Who looked awfully familiar, but I've been unable to place her) showed up with several pre-printed slips from the list on the website. Also a woman named Renée, who was there for pool, but sang a few anyway - at least after she got sufficiently drunk.

We ran until 1:30, and then everyone went home. We were all pretty tired.

Which has continued for me today. I've spent most all the day napping - I'm kinda wondering when I'll finally stop being sick.

In between naps, I've been having some LJ entertainment. Apparently I'm a pedophile and a crack whore. 'Tis good being loved, no?
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