December 23rd, 2005



The show last night was amazing. In quite a few ways. A whole bunch of people had today off, and so were able to play all night, for one thing.

The place was packed. Not that it started that way - as per usual, lately, it was dead when I got there. I started at about 8:40 with maybe 10 people in the bar. And the first rotation was itself around 10 people long.

The second extended to about 35. And despite all that, and without the crowd really evaporating, I was able to shoehorn in almost 6 rounds into the night before I closed off at 1:55. Impressive, when you only have room for about 74 songs.

'Twas kind of a diva night, which amused me to no end. misswong77 had her personal mic, which I set up on her personal channel on my board. This meant I was announcing through the bar DJ mic which, well, uh, sucks, to be honest. If I got loud enough to announce without feedback, it distorted like crazy. Ah well - most people seemed to understand their name. And I finally had Lucinda sounding right.

I suicided cekyr0 all night. When he showed up, I decided he should be doing "If You're Not The One" for Lucinda, as a showcase song - but gave him a warmup for his first. In between, Mike G. came in and did an (as usual quite awesome) rendition of "Gotta Get Through This". So Alex insisted his next song should be "If You're Not The One" just to show the bastard up. I had no problem with that, for some reason.

When he got to it, spawrhawk did a very moving dance accompaniment. It was quite an experience.

A girl named Shawnee came in and did a quite decent rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream". In fact, the only problem was that, like many karaoke singers, she was too quiet, and I could only raise her mic so much without feedback. Still she has a very sweet voice.

But that was Lucinda's song, dammit, so she insisted the same be her next song. And was very disappointed when Shawnee left before she could get up.

Fortunately most of the crowd wasn't that competitive - and I (thank goodness!) don't have too many people who are insanely serious about their rep. So it was amusing, instead of irritating.

As is kind of inevitable in a show with Lucinda, dwo, Alex and Mikey, a lot of "Wicked" was sung. No complaints on my part, but it was - amusing. When Steven showed up, he wanted to do "Popular", but David already had it lined up.

Alex brought me one of his and jeffercine's mistletoe bundles, which I attached to the light over my booth. I only used it once - Lucinda was talking to someone, and I told her to "come over here", held her shoulders, then told her to "look up". She wrenched away and ran. Quite worth it, though I guess I should look into doing something about my breath...

Never quite managed to lure hollyk over, which isn't too surprising, since she was doing the door.

And I would have used it on sugarbare if she hadn't kissed me anyway...

For those who are wondering, yes, trivialt was there. Pretty much all night from the beginning to the end, as a matter of fact. At one point he passed around my tip jar, with the result that I made quite a bit more than my usual $8 in tips for a busy night.

Both swanhart and nikari showed up, and sang a song. Justin's been in a few times lately, but it's been ages for Kyle. I hope Kyle makes more of a habit of it - I think it would be good for him to get out more, at least somewhere.

It took me until 2:30 to close down and pack up, then timenchanter, supersniffles, Steven, Heather and I went off to Denny's. We had a nice relaxed breakfast - extremely relaxed in Timmie's case (He kept nodding off), then I took Heather home, then got Timmie home and bundled into his room. We're supposed to go pick up Fawkes this afternoon, but I suspect he needs to wake up, first.
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