December 20th, 2005


Case of the Mondays

Monday's show was obviously a lot of fun for the participants. And I had a fair amount of fun myself. It just had that general scent of futility about it. I mean, after all, trivialt wasn't there.

For almost all night, the rotation consisted of myself, William, synkitty, Maggie, Susan, and a mildly less grumpy than usual bluize.

timenchanter came in, gave me my Christmas presents, sang a couple, and took off. I'm now the proud owner of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and three godawful 50s schlock movies, which I'm sure I'll enjoy.

Now all I need to do is think of what to get him. I'm really terrible at this stuff.

Kris originally ordained that without additional patrons, we'd close at 11:30. I was shutting stuff down when two trannies and wavewarrior walked in. When they all evaporated, we were going to close at 12:30.

I had almost everything put away again, when it suddenly occurred to her that another rotation while she shut down wouldn't hurt.

So, by fits and starts, the show made it through to 1:00 (10 rounds).

By the way, the story now is that we will stop doing the Monday show in January. We'll see.

I dropped off Synthia at her place, then went and had some soup and pasta at Carrows. Sore sinuses and all that. Then I went home and fell asleep in my chair.

Today I crawled my way to work - about 20 minutes late for the staff meeting (A new record!). I've done some email back and forth, but no real work work.

On the other hand, my contract may be extended through the end of January. The total dollar value won't go up, but I may get the time to actually earn them, which is cool.
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