December 19th, 2005


Good Sunday

Sunday night's show was particularly good. We had quite a few people, though far from an insane amount. With comings and goings, I don't believe the rotation ever got larger than 18.

The main shocker of the evening was misswong77 showing up and spending nearly all night - she sang 4 songs, and now has her own "Queen Lucinda" envelope. She also used her own "Queen Lucinda" mic...

cekyr0 and jeffercine were there for most of the night, as were trivialt and kozmic_tar. Paul and Sarah were there for quite a while. timenchanter and markobellydance showed up later.

sugarbare was bartending, which is always a blast.

And, of course, quite a few other people. It was also good in that, since the crowd started dissolving around midnight, I was able to go a total of 7 rounds before 1:30, so people who arrived late, like dancin_whitey and Steven, could get 3 songs in.

Quite a good time, and definitely a pick-me-up.

From there, I dropped synkitty off at her apartment, then had some late night supper at Cardinal Lounge. The idea was that I'd do some work while sitting in a different environment. That failed miserably, but I was able to get quite a bit of work done after that, when I got home. I've put out at least some of my deliverables, and am feeling relatively good about that.

The more negative side is that I haven't had much sleep. I need to go and do some more of that before tonight's show...
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