December 18th, 2005


Bah Humbug

I know I'll feel better when I get to the show, but right now, I just don't care about too much.

I was hoping to get some work done today, and have done a tiny bit, but nothing really significant. Mostly I've slept, which is what the congestion in my forehead keeps telling me to do.

The fallout returning home last night could have been worse. I'm trying to figure out how to put all this - as my journal, I'm trying to keep a reasonably complete record of what's happening in my life. Certain individuals, known hereafter as raven2000, have been rather upset by this.

Which really comes down to a matter of being disturbed that when she makes a public ass of herself, I write about it. As if, somehow, it will make that much of a difference. The girl that worries about the long-term impact of this rather hard to search series of records - which don't contain her last name - has apparently no qualms about telling her boss about her porn producer.

Anyway, timenchanter did us all the favor of ejecting her last night. She was still drunk, and pretty well disconnected from reality.

My favorite bit was when she insisted he actually liked her. When he told her he didn't, she responded by "You forget: I've got telepathy." The response was "You forget: I don't care."

When she finally got herself completely dressed (Which involved stripping in front of most of the household and guests, since she wouldn't enter my room), her telepathy had apparently forgotten to inform her that both I and Timmie had offered her a ride home - she just started marching off into the rain.

She got in my car, and I drove her home - with Timmie in the back as backbone. Several weirdnesses later, we dropped her off, and came back.

That just left the other matters to attend to. Chris had apparently forgotten that he'd asked Timmie to talk to him on returning - and had also turned up his music to deafening levels. I swear Timmie had to bang on his door hard enough to almost punch through it, just to get a reaction.

Meanwhile, Mena had yet another one of her huge house parties going. Which had been one of the sources of raven2000 friction earlier - apparently there had been objection to said individual wandering through the party naked.

Sigh. I do care about her. A lot. It's near impossible, though, when she works so hard to make people dislike her. It doesn't help that as she gets drunk - and increasingly unable to care for herself - she gets more and more convinced that she knows exactly what she should be doing. She desperately needs a keeper in those cases, but refuses to pay attention to one.

This weekend she was celebrating being admitted to law school, which is extremely cool. I'm very proud of her, and very happy for her. Unfortunately, her idea of celebrating was a weekend-long drunk. And in the long run, when she's drunk, the only person having a good time is her.
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