December 14th, 2005


One Step Forward

Yesterday (Like today) was another day not at work.

I did, however, get car insurance. Paula had suggested a place to go - a location, she couldn't remember the company name. Well, that location no longer existed, but a quick call to her reminded her of another broker that deals with bad drivers, and I went there.

An hour and a surprisingly low amount of money later, I'm legal to be on the road again - which is quite a relief. After all, it's likely one more ticket would take away my license, and, well, I just kept having visions of being stopped for something minor...

After that, I picked up raven2000 from work, and we went to the El Camino Mongolian BBQ in Santa Clara - a favorite place for her, since she can fill up on veggies, and still stay within her diet. Also a fine restaurant - I'd definitely recommend it.

A little bit of shopping later (I desperately needed another hi-tech doodad, so I dragged her to Fry's), then to her place for a little snuggling and movie watching. I subjected her to The Naked Gun.

After tearing myself away, I made it back home, fended off a slightly drunk Mena, and collapsed in my room.

There is something very very wrong with your life when one of the hallmarks of a successful evening is having managed to avoid sex.

Today I hung out with timenchanter for a while at the warehouse, then had lunch with him. 'Twas good - between markobellydance and the Christmas show, we haven't had much chance to hang out and talk.

Then back home. That's my day so far. I'm not doing anything social this evening - Timmie and I have been barred from Alameda while sick, and I really don't feel like doing much anyway.

So hopefully I can manage something productive here, eventually.
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