December 3rd, 2005



I was going to go to work yesterday. Really I was. I just didn't.

There was definitely some level of productivity, but it was all about the whole digital filter thing, which shouldn't really be my top priority right now.

Stuart's pushing to get me a permanent position, which is nice, but it's hard for me to deal with seriously (Though I definitely need a steady income). How do I not screw it up? Sigh.

I noticed it had been a few weeks since my last contact with bustymcboob, so I messaged her a "hi". She called back, and we had one of the better - and longer - conversations we've had for months.

Around about 10:00(pm) I finally got myself up and showered, then headed to Cheesecake Factory for some dinner. I brought my laptop for companionship, which it amply provided.

I left about midnight, and drove in the general direction of KoC, while listening to an internet comedy station. I almost kept driving. But I made myself stop.

The Vibe was going strong for a change - there were quite a few people there, including a post-practice timenchanter and cekyr0 (and jeffercine!).

I spent a fair amount of time talking to hollyk, who was drunk enough to be somewhat affectionate. Also had a good conversation with Kaye.

I left about 1:50. The place was still busy, but I'm sure about to hit a snag.

Put the comedy station back on, then headed homeward. And overshot, circling through the hills, then back around through town. Sometimes I'm just not in a people mood - though if Debbie had been here, it would have been a good "Keep driving until something stops you" sort of night.

Which might have been Santa Barbara.

Then home and, surprisingly, to bed.
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