December 2nd, 2005


Slogging Forward

I'm really not sure what I managed to do at work yesterday - I sent out an email, but I'm not sure it will be particularly productive, or just get me in trouble. It was one of those "shake things up" sort of emails...

Otherwise I think I mostly napped. And read up on digital filters, which is not what I'm supposed to be doing there.

Got to the show early, and even so managed to get set up just barely on time. Started with just the three of us - myself, dancin_whitey, and Maggie - but the first round expanded to 11 fairly rapidly.

And that's pretty much where it stayed all night. From the bar's point of view, it was a pretty good night for a Sunday. For a Thursday the crowd was pretty damn small. From the singer's point of view it was nice - we went 7 rounds before closing at 1:30.

And it's not like we didn't have a great group of people, even without trivialt. Ramiro decided to get back into singing, and did pretty damn well. wavewarrior did a few. Maggie brought her friend Susan back. Sarah was there sans Paul (Drama!). timenchanter and cekyr0 showed up for a couple of hours - post-rehearsal, I believe.

And obviously quite a few others. In fact, a very large number of others. People kept showing up, singing a few songs, then leaving. I kept thinking I was going to run out of singers - but then 3 more people would sign up. On the whole, a fun night.

And now I'm just getting up. I pretty much decided I was going to sleep today, before dealing with work.
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