December 1st, 2005



I got up, well, I think about noonish yesterday. Gradually pulled myself together, then went out with timenchanter for some Thai lunch, and to retrieve his car. Then off to work!

I think I got in around 2:00, and left around 5:00. Definitely my idea of a good workday. Got some stuff done, at least. It would have been more, except Stuart leaves at 5:00, and I hitched a ride with him up to Alameda, where we had, well, a nice Thai dinner. It's a very good thing I really love Thai food.

The usual up there - some conversation, some hanging out, and some TV - mostly TV for them while I surfed.

Then some camping out in their spare bedroom, and an early morning. A very early morning in my book - I crawled out of bed at 7:00, because Stuart wanted to leave the house at 8:00. This was delayed by the rain and hurricane Sabrina, who had to be dropped off at school.

But we got here to work. He headed off to his meetings, I headed off to my car, and went in search of breakfast. Then I brought my suitcase into the office, and took a shower. I'm feeling much more presentable, but that doesn't stop the fact that I'm about to fall asleep.
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