November 30th, 2005



Yesterday morning, I did my best impression of a rushing professional, and tried to make it to work by 10:30 for my staff meeting. Managed 10:45, which isn't good, but at least is survivable. Though I had to skip breakfast to manage it.

Of course, there was no staff meeting. Kinda conflicted about that one.

I set up my laptop in my little corner, and started plugging away. More or less. It turned out yesterday was a big, annual company-wide meeting, and everyone fairly shortly took off to that. At one point, I think the only people in the building were myself and the receptionist. This, plus my general level of distractedness, meant I didn't get a huge amount of work done. Much surfing, yes, but not much work.

Did manage some, though.

I left around 8:00, because I wanted to check out some books on digital filtering at Digital Guru, and they close at 9:00. Got a couple, and headed home to, well, surf some more, and maybe even crack a book.

As I was settling into that mode, I got a call from timenchanter at Splash, demanding that I come and have fun. Bastard even got La Jentra on the line to help convince me. Which worked, of course. Interesting night - the cast of Mamma Mia was there, so the singing quality was even better than usual.

Said hi to everyone - mr_seed, of course, but also cekyr0 doing his best to shake the taint of church off, spawrhawk and the lovely spondee. No trivialt, however. I had fun - mostly flirting with Jen, who considers flirting as much of a sport as I do.

Timmie was a wee bit blasted, and I did my best to sober him up. We went off to Mini-Gourmet with Mike G., and had a pretty good time. This meant he was no longer as drunk, but really tired, so I parked Fawkes in the Market St. garage for him, and took him home - he hopefully managed OK this morning.

Now, I was supposed to get together with raven2000 after she got up, in order to maybe watch a video or two before I got to bed, and she got to work. I was sorta worried about how this was going to conflict. And it did, but not in the way I expected - I was out by the time she texted me. So that fell through. Otherwise, all-in-all, a oddly pleasant night.
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