November 27th, 2005


Thanksgiving Part II

I headed up to my parents' place for a small Thanksgiving dinner last night. In fact, the smallest official party I've been to at their place in a long time - it was me, them, and Carol, a friend of the family.

Had an extremely delicious dinner (Who knew cranberry sauce with walnuts would be that good?), then came back home, and to bed - early for me.

I seem to be quite sleepy lately. I assume mental conflict - that'll do it every time.

Not much otherwise. I finally re-bought Susan Cooper's "Dark is Rising" series when out at Barnes&Noble with raven2000 yesterday, and I've started tearing into that.

Must get in the shower - timenchanter wants to do lunch...
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Rent and Other Oddities

I had a terrible time getting myself up today - I didn't even make it out of the shower until 2:30.

As I was finishing up, I got a couple of messages from timenchanter, from 2:00 and 1:30, asking me if I'd fallen asleep. He'd apparently given up on me (can't blame him), and my subsequent phone calls didn't make it through.

So I went and picked up raven2000 for this afternoon's viewing of Rent. I was so late we didn't even have time to grab a bite before the movie...

We got there, I said hi to everyone, then Trudi and I sat down close by - but out of singing range.

I would say it was an excellent job of adapting the show to the screen. A few rough edges here and there (The main one that comes to mind is Mark quitting his job by yelling "I quit!" off a rooftop), but all in all an extremely good job. I unfortunately forgot to bring kleenex, and left with a soggy beard.

By this time it was 7:00, so I kinda rushed out of the theater - had to get Trudi home, and needed to get to KoC.

Of course, now I'm here, and the rotation is myself, bluize, valeriesparks, and mr_seed, Except the latter two took off before the first rotation, promising to be back shortly. I've never quite had a show hit this kind of snag before.

Gives me time to post, at least, waiting for actual singing customers to show up. Kris has been keeping herself busy smashing pallets for the fire. I believe it's now warmer inside than outside.
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