November 23rd, 2005


Work Work Work

I spent around 11 hours at work today. What's far more impressive is that I got a couple of things done. Shocking, I know.

Headed home, got some groceries, cat food'n'stuff at Albertson's on the way.

Quite apparently I was hungry, at least judging by the number of snack foods I grabbed.

My snacking powers amaze me. I finished off most of a bag of Punjabi mix (Ain't it cool - Albertson's has Punjabi mix!) while surfing and watching more Tenchi in Tokyo.

That said, it is simply not wise to ever even come close to finishing off a bag of the stuff. It should be treated with the respect it deserves. At least, that's what it's presently telling my digestive system...
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Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

I just got to work, after spending the day, ummmm, ahhhhhh....

Well, I must have been doing something.

From here I'll be heading up to Alameda, and have a quiet evening there.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully recruit timenchanter for some repair work at my parents', and then I'll be bringing some salad or something to supplement all the food at the bar.

To everyone at The Hamptons: Have a great time, and drink one for me! I love you all!

To Debbie and orpheusnyc: I send you my love and wishes for a simply wonderful weekend!
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