November 14th, 2005


Lazy Day

We didn't really do too much today - not only were we simply tired, not only was timenchanter in no condition to go anywhere, but I think all the energy we put into making fun of him just tired us out.

Debbie needed some stuff at Staples, so she, electrichobbit, and I headed out to get some. I needed to eat (Timmie had brought food when he gimped in, but it was gone by the time I got out of the shower), so Debbie took us to a deli.

It was food. OK, my fault perhaps, but shawarma and hummus does not mean a giant plate of gyros and a tiny dab of hummus. But it tasted good. Debbie had a bagel she later regretted. I'm feeling bad about that...

Got our stuff, headed back, nodded out. When we finally all sort of woke up, we decided not to do the Peruvian restaurant thing - Debbie was already feeling bad about food.

We were going to make dinner, but it was after 8:00, and the local food marts were closed. Damn uncivilized city.

So we ordered takeout Chinese. What turned out to be a lot of takeout Chinese. A lot of, well, relatively mediocre takeout Chinese. I guess in Harlem we should have stuck with the fried chicken...

I tried to do something positive and take out the garbage. I believe I ended up putting it in a neighbor's can...

Mark needed to leave tonight, so I elected to accompany him to Penn Station. He was, of course, great company as always.

I had a couple of thoughts coming back, one being to check out the 116th station on the 1, to see if I could see Timmie's glasses.

The thought of staying out all night and calling around 4:00 to say "you won't believe this..." was the other one.

But I'm tired, so I'm just taking the 2 back to the apartment.
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