November 5th, 2005


Well, That Was Unexpected

Got a little more work done - though mostly talked with Mike. Then off to the Cheesecake Factory for misswong77's birthday.

The wait was extra-long, since we had 17 participants this time. As I got there, the group was coalescing in front of the restaurant. cekyr0 and jeffercine walked up, strangely shoulder-to-shoulder - and parted to reveal Debbie!

They'd apparently been planning this for two weeks. Quite successfully. The initial aura of shock was quite enough, but we all managed to do it to spawrhawk, as well, when he arrived later. One of the best double takes followed by girlish screams I've ever seen. He almost took her down, too, when he jumped her...

I wasn't feeling all that amazingly hungry, and would have been happy with a bowl of soup - but it was Lucinda's birthday, so I had to get a "parmesanable" dish, just to assuage her sense of tradition. The soup was excellent this week, as was the waitress - who brought me enough parmesan to choke a battalion. In grand tradition, I dumped it all on my dish.

The night-long acid reflux was soooo worth it.

It was, again, a huge group. I'm not going to list it - for one thing, Lucinda already has. But trivialt was there.

Almost all of us went to the Vibe afterward. Including Stan. Good mixes by the lovely valeriesparks, dancin_whitey, and montanamouse. It was, as so many nights have been, pretty dead. We were the crowd, pretty much.

There was a guy there when we arrived that seemed vaguely familiar - and seemed to know me. On reflection, I think it might have been Donald, which would be a blast from the past I wouldn't necessarily want. Or expect in a gay bar. Oh well. There was also a girl claiming to be there for the first time that I swear I know from somewhere. Also "Oh well".

Hung out and schmoozed until close to closing, then headed home. I didn't get to bed until quite early in the morning, and even then, didn't sleep well (See "acid reflux", above). timenchanter was nice enough to make me some chamomile tea when he got home.

Not much today except trying to make up for the sleep lost last night. Not really all that conscious - I think I'm getting to be able to write in my sleep. I need to respond to a couple of raven2000 messages, and about 11 raven2000 comments. And I need to be at the bar this evening for the leather thing.

In the meantime, I think back to bed. Wooo!
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I got to the bar late - I was supposed to be here at 7:00, got here at 7:30.

It didn't make a huge amount of difference. It took me maybe 5 minutes to set up the mics, and someone else is actually running things - so possibly another minute of instruction.

They did get started late, but only about 10 minutes or so. I'm pretty sure it had nothing to do with me.

It's quite an elaborate show. Of all things, Miranda Von Stockhausen (Her real name) is one of the announcers. I had an almost sort of thing with her quite a few years ago - in fact, both Larri and I did. I believe the person she's announcing with is the same girlfriend she's had since shortly after that. The paths we take...

Anyway, it's been quite entertaining, in an S&M kind of way. At least the innuendoes have been coming fast and thick. Or is that fast and hard?

So I'm sitting in the club, getting tipsy, and watching the show - as well as watching the people watching the show.

Why is it that mostly the bodies you don't want to see uncovered are the ones that wear revealing clothes?

Not that it's even near universally true...
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