November 2nd, 2005


I Never Learn

I staggered out of work around 7:30 last night. I hadn't heard from trivialt, so after gassing up the car, I called raven2000 - and woke her up. She's apparently now on a completely off schedule, getting up around 2:00, then working something like 7:00 to 4:00.

A movie was out - certainly on my side, and it didn't look like a good idea on hers, either. I suggested dinner, and we ended up at Jack-in-the-Box, of all places. Mostly just being companionable for a bit.

Then I drove her home.

Now, at this point, the sane person would take their exhausted carcass home to bed. But this was me. So I swerved off to the Kit-Kat, which I've been meaning to revisit for quite some time.

What can I say? I like watching cute naked female bodies. I don't do it very often because it's an expensive habit.

It had been quite a while, and of course there'd been a lot of turnover, but a couple of the dancers remembered me. One of the bouncers asked me where my posse was - from back in the old days when I'd come in with Trudi and bustymcboob.

After a couple of hours, I headed home, washed some clothes, and plugged into the computer.

Note to self: When your mother, bless her over-thrifty soul, gives you a bag of Easter M&M's she thinks you can pass out as Halloween candy, don't put it near at hand when you're online.

I ate probably close to half a 14oz bag absent-mindedly. Which is fine as far as weight-gain is concerned - it came back up when I tried to lay down. Joy!

Now I need to get myself together, get myself clean, write up an invoice for October, and head to work. I also need to check if Alameda's on today - Stuart's likely still out of town, and Frida may be off to the hospital she's working on in Hawaii.
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