October 31st, 2005


Still Running

raven2000 did, indeed, still want to go out yesterday. It was supposed to be around noon, but I wasn't finished fighting through Oakridge until around 2:30. But she still wanted to go.

We grabbed some lunch at Sizzler and headed to the park.

Dammit. I had a wonderful time. Joking, laughing, relaxed. We saw the Nickelodeon parade, which was cute, and rode a bunch of rollercoasters. We left at closing, I took her home, and headed off to the bar.

I got there at about 7:00, and the only people there were dancin_whitey and bluize. Some setting up and talking later (Looks like Mondays are definitely going away), it was 8:00, and the bar contained me, Matt, and swanhart. Matt and I discussed when to close the place down. Then people started trickling in. I didn't start the show until 9:00, but it went strong and steady from there.

I'll not try to list people, except to say that trivialt wasn't there.

It of course turned out that there were only three people in costume by the end of the night - myself, Kendall, and chargerboy, who was in his Gyros outfit and trying to decompress. Oh well - I'll be wearing the same tonight. Which won't be too hard - it's more real than costume, and is quite comfortable.

The "highlight", as it were, of the evening was a pair of straight couples. Say what you will, they kept people interested. And apparently tipped Matt quite well, which is great. They were in their early 20s, married to each other, up from L.A., and extremely drunk. The best description I could think for them was Romy&Michelle meet Dumb&Dumber. Actually, the one guy seemed fine. The other (Shane) had apparently stopped development at that stage around twelve where yelling "fuck" or "motherfucker" every third word was "cool". Cool he was not - annoying he was.

The girls sang pretty well, and did little interpretive/stripper dances to every song. At one point Chandra, swaying drunk in my booth, told me she was married to Shane, and how much she loved him. All I could say was "I'm sorry".

People kept on coming up to me and muttering about "straight people at a gay bar". The fact that most of those were straight, talking to me, made it quite funny.

I ran until 1:55, and then we successfully shepherded the sizable number of people out the door. Then supersniffles, kozmic_tar and I headed out for a Denny's run, where Cindi finally got her apple crisp.
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