October 30th, 2005


Social Butterfly

Yesterday went more or less as planned. timenchanter and I dragged ourselves out of bed (I was ready first - hee hee), grabbed some lunch, and headed up to my parents' place. They had a fairly short list of things they needed done. Mostly items that had to be rolled up and stored, or moved from one floor to another. The only big thing was replacing a wooden gutter in one part of their driveway - nailing the pieces together wasn't bad, and levering out the old one wasn't bad, but dropping in the new one required a lot of extra digging.

So I let Timmie do most of that.

We headed down a lot earlier than I expected, and I found myself dragged to a costume shop. Apparently doing the garb thing just wasn't going to be allowed. I ended up getting a cardinal's outfit. For some reason I don't quite get, I look good in general religious apparel.

That wasn't going to quite cut it, though, just like that, so I added a couple of (ahem) satanicitemsIjusthappenedtohavelyingaroundfromalongtimeago and went to Ben's party as Cardinal Sin.

We actually had a harder time finding Timmie a reasonable looking wand for his Hogwart's student outfit. There are official toy wands. They look like crap. I have no idea how the "polished Victorian" look of the Harry Potter universe got modified into pseudo-rustic, but there it is.

We ended up getting a backscratcher at Cost Plus, and sawing off the end. So everyone got to experience a drunk Timmie with a poking instrument...

The party was a lot of fun, though I was really tired. Spent some time talking with cekyr0 and jeffercine before they got so tired they had to bail, met a few people, spent a fair amount of time tickling twitchet - at a couple of points kozmic_tar and I kinda jumped her. At one point we had her shrieking and giggling uncontrollably in the hammock in the back yard. It was fun imagining what the neighbors were thinking.

I did what I could to stay in character. There were a number of cute girls there in skimpy outfits (Lust), I ate waaaay too many chocolate chip cookies (Gluttony), including the last one in front of Ben, who hadn't had any (Greed), watched a lot of the couples hanging close to each other (Envy), and spent most of the night sprawled on the couch (Sloth). I think I actually looked pretty good (Pride).

If I'd only managed Wrath, I'd have done the whole set.

When we left, Timmie was hungry, so we went to Cardinal Lounge to have some food and people-watch. A lot of cute costumes. A lot of cute skin. We were waiting in line behind a group that included a smurfette, where it was quite easy to tell that she'd painted her whole body blue. Good times.

Where we sat, I had a great view of the face of a girl in the next booth over - a gorgeous example of a particular type of fine-boned Mexican face (Rather like valeriesparks, but "sharper"), accentuated by a hairstyle that frequently covered one eye. She made me seriously wish I knew how to paint. As it is, I was stuck simply enjoying it - and trying not to stare too much.

Then home and sleep. Right now I'm supposed to be out with raven2000 at Great America. Of course, I haven't showered yet, and I need to go grab my costume for tonight (I know what I want, and I should have bought it last night when I saw it). I haven't heard back from her, so I don't know what's going on there. If that falls through, I may go and see Tabby's vaulting class. Or sleep.
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