October 27th, 2005



Well, now I know why I was lethargic yesterday, sorta.

I spent a nice evening at the Hamptons with, well, mostly the usual cast of characters.  We didn't accomplish the reason I was there, but, well, c'est la vie.  'Twas much fun as usual.

We all crashed a little early, I brought timenchanter home, got to bed, all the usual.

To wake up this morning with the headache from hell.  I've had worse, but this was bad enough.  Part of my mind keeps thinking that I should have had something alcoholic at the Hamptons - that drinking water all night was so unnatural that I'm being punished by some sort of karmic hangover.

Within an hour of trying to find some position/activity that was comfortable, I progressed to nausea.

I now know that downing water and a chewable vitamin C prior to dry heaves is a good thing.  Well, if you like the taste of Tang, anyway.  Which also explains Tang...

I'm now at sort of a halfway point.  My stomach isn't happy, and neither is my head, but neither of them are trying to actively kill me.

I'm hoping I'll be well enough to do the show tonight, but I have Timmie in reserve if not.
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