October 25th, 2005


Productivity Improvements

I actually got some work done Monday - not exactly 8 hours' worth, but what was done was reasonably effective.

This was largely accomplished by ignoring all communications. Whatever works, I guess.

Had dinner with timenchanter at ThepThai. It had been far too long for Thai food.

The show last night was fun, but waaay slow. Most of the night I had four people in the rotation - me, valeriesparks, and various other people. I went 14 rounds. This is the first time I've ever been forced to use two sheets of paper for my chart.

For about an hour, we had a nice little party going. Valerie and wavewarrior had fun giving me (And Val) odd songs. The Rick James was amusing, but the Britney was just wrong.

I ran until 1:30, partly to give synkitty and Steven several chances to sing.

After the show, supersniffles, Jasmine, Synthia and I had a nice supper at Denny's.

Then home, far too little sleep, followed by a rush to make it into my staff meeting.

Which is being amusing, in a depressing kind of way. They just finished revamping the development schedule, and discovered that items that must be delivered by January supposedly won't be ready until late March.

So the meeting's turned into a marathon "fix the schedule" session. Joy!
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